In-House Training – Things You Need to Know

Posted by: Preservation Management, Inc. in Uncategorized on March 2, 2022

Healthy companies thrive because of the culture. For all employees at Preservation Management, Inc. to thrive, we’ve found it essential to prioritize developing, mentoring, and inspiring our employees throughout their career.

To maintain an environment of continuous improvement, we build a learning pathway for all our employees. We have found that when we are actively investing in new training, employees become more loyal, and as a team we’re more motivated.

Each year, PMI dedicates two annual core training days for employees to dedicate time to their learning path. Each annual learning path offers employees the required tools to understand critical laws and best practices around Fair Housing, Sexual Harassment and Workplace Harassment.

Our relationship with RealPage Learning Management System (LMS) has substantially benefitted our dedication to learning, providing consistency, tracking, reporting, course content, distribution, active engagement, gamification, and performance milestones. EasyLMS removes barriers to learning, enhances the overall learning experience, and establishes learning as a culture to activate team potential.

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