2022 PMI National Conference

Posted by: Preservation Management, Inc. in Uncategorized on June 10, 2022

After three years of not seeing each other in the flesh, the Preservation Management, Inc. team flew to Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, Florida, to attend and participate in the 2022 PMI National Managers Conference. With our teams spread across 18 different states, the Conference is always an excellent occasion for us to meet in person, work together, and cram in a few team meals and fun activities. Here’s a recap of our week:

Day 1: Most teams arrived on Monday – coming from across the country. Since the Conference was located at Disney Coronado Resort, the group enjoyed the weather, park passes, and the relaxed atmosphere. After so many years apart, this year’s Conference theme was “We Can See Clearly Now the Rain has Gone.” In keeping with this theme, we gifted the Canoe Theory by David Hibbard to our team, and our workshops were based on this theory. “The Canoe Theory compares an organization and its members to a canoe and crew. Like canoes, businesses need every member to “paddle” together for greater success.” On Day 1, our owners kicked off the Conference, celebrating what the teams have made it through during Covid, their families, and those who have re-joined PMI after taking some time away. We also covered various breakout topics like HR Law, Lean On Me, Work Culture, One Direction, and Team Paddle!

Our annual Vendor Tradeshow featured Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, HD Supply, HelloSpoke, RealPage, Inc., Lowe’s Pro Supply, Energy Tech Plus LLC, Systems Engineering, BetterNOI, GFL Environmental Inc., Watchtower Security, and Cross Benefit Solutions. Thank you for sponsoring this year!

Day 2: On our second day, our featured presentation helped us navigate the waters of Anti-Racism, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging with guest speaker Brandon Jacobs! Brandon inspired the team and empowered us to take what we learned and apply these skills moving forward at our properties across the country! We also used this opportunity to introduce PMI’s very own ARDIB committee featuring the fantastic work they have contributed throughout this last year.

Soon after, our teams enjoyed a variety of team-specific workshops followed by a TEAM BUILDING scavenger hunt in Epcot! Congratulations to the winning team of Josh Stapleton, Tina Adams, Michele McNair, Tammie Peterson, Ella DiPietro, Steve Campbell, and Julia Labanowski.

Day 3: Our final day was concluded with our PMI awards ceremony, prizes, and a regatta challenge that put all the skills learned over the week to the ultimate test! Congratulations to the following on winning our 2021 awards!

•Rachel Fields, (Heritage House – MO) RSC of the Year
•Candice Watson, Best Support Team Member
•Dianne Reece, (Shalom Tower) Presidential Safety Award
•Michelle Alters, Spirit Stick Winner
•Lily Barreto, (Garden Court Apartments) Manager of the Year

We can’t thank our teams enough for the ongoing hard work they do every day, and we can’t wait for next year!


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