Celebrating Women’s History Month at PMI

Posted by: Preservation Management, Inc. in General on March 3, 2023

Happy Women’s History Month!

As we celebrate the achievements and contributions of women throughout history, we also recognize the impact women have made in property management. From pioneering female leaders to hardworking property managers, women have played a crucial role in shaping the industry and driving innovation. This month we are featuring five amazing Women at Preservation Management, Inc. who have impacted our communities.

Haley Nguyen is a Staff Accountant in our Accounting & Finance department. Haley recognizes the role of women in shaping the accounting profession as we know it today.

What advice do you have for women entering the property management/field?

My advice for women (and everybody) entering the property management field is to be a team player because we work with many people from different departments within and outside the company. And because of this, kindness and a willingness to help will go a long way in ensuring success. Co-workers from different departments might need help understanding how we do our jobs, so that they will come with questions and concerns. We should show them the answer in a friendly way without making them feel bad for asking. And when there’s an opportunity for a teaching moment, we should take it because teaching and learning together will help everyone grow professionally. And in those seldom but inevitable moments when we do not know the answer, that’s okay; kindly direct them to the right person who can help. I think practicing these simple communication habits can help build a workplace where everybody feels heard and receive help when needed, setting the company up to achieve and exceed its goals.
Haley Nguyen
Staff Accountant

Who mentored you to get you to where you are in your career or life?

Everybody that I have had a close relationship with has been a mentor in one way or another throughout my life. I have learned a little from each of them about different aspects of life, coloring my experiences and helping me grow. I am very grateful to my parents because they had always advised me when I needed them. My parents have been and will always be my biggest supporters. My friends are also the ones who help shape my social identity with their honest opinions. And finally, co-workers play a significant role in my career. I am lucky to have worked with a great PMI team. Everybody is super friendly and helpful, which makes workdays less stressful with all the deadlines.
Haley Nguyen
Staff Accountant

Let’s continue to support and empower women in property management and create a more inclusive and diverse future for all. #WomenInPropertyManagement

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