Women’s History Month

Posted by: Preservation Management, Inc. in General on April 26, 2022

Preservation Management is a proudly women led company. Women are strongly represented at all levels of leadership; at the time of writing, our CEO and four of our six Lead Team members are women, as well as all of our Regional Managers. This stands in contrast to national and industry averages – according to McKinsey and Co., across companies nationally, only 24% of executive level leadership roles are help by women.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we share some thoughts from the women on our leadership team on the importance of female leadership and raising up other women.

Being a Women in the
Workforce is Challenging

I sat with this assignment for several days because it’s hard for me to concisely articulate why leadership opportunities for women are important to me. Being a woman in the workforce is challenging in so many ways mostly because of the many pressures that co-exist with work – pregnancy, caring for children (or being criticized for not having children), caring for aging family members, shopping for all household goods, housekeeping, cooking, making health appointments, looking a certain way, acting a certain way – shall I go on? In my experience, most women bear the majority of the home pressure and it’s incredibly stressful to balance that with work. When your contributions at home and at work have been historically marginalized and your compensation levels are typically not equal to male peers, it’s simply not fair. It motivates me to ensure that PMI is a company that provides leadership opportunities for women and actively recognizes their contributions.
Christine Jenkinson
President & CEO

Smashing the Glass Ceiling
has to be Intentional

Working for an organization like PMI, where we have several women in leadership roles is something that is very important to me. This doesn’t just fall in to place, having a culture where anyone can succeed and smash the glass ceiling has to be intentional. To me, having a woman mentor, was integral in advancing my career at PMI, she gave me what I did not have at other companies… the opportunity. Not once have I been told I couldn’t accomplish something, I have been repeatedly challenged, yet empowered- and most importantly, I was inspired, which resulted in my ambition to continue to grow.  PMI is unique in that we truly have mutual respect for one another, we assume best intentions, and we operate in the spirit of continuous improvement, finding personal motivation has to come from within, but in order to be able to achieve success, you have to be given the chance, and we have that for all here at PMI.
Kris Landry
Senior Vice President
Operations & Facilities Support

Forbes Eight Traits Every Powerful Female Leader Possesses

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not a Forbes magazine kind of girl but years ago an article somehow hit my inbox from the magazine with the “Eight Traits Every Powerful Female Leader Possesses” which I have saved and refer back to often as a reminder.
1. Strength
2. Perseverance
3. The ability to create Women – Empowered Workplaces
4. Adaptability
5. Knowing how to ignore bad advice
6. Grit
7. Knowing how to ask for what they want
8. Tenacity
When I look around at my many female colleagues here at Preservation Management, regardless of whether it’s the CEO, a Regional Manager, a Property Manager or a Resident Service Coordinator, I am so incredibly proud because…This Is Us!!!
Michele Folino
Vice President Operations
Mid-Atlantic & South

Being a Woman in a Leadership Role isn’t a Nod to Inclusion

It’s important to me to work in a place where being a woman in a leadership role isn’t a nod to inclusion or a way to fill a quota. I look around and see women who I respect incredibly, who have worked their tails off to be where they are and are turning around to look at who is coming up behind them and how they can help raise them up to. That’s a culture I want to be a part of all day, every day. Also, it’s not lost on me that we have the privilege to work in service of low income families and seniors, and in HUD supported housing, over 75 percent of households are headed by women (NLIHC.org). These are women who are working hard to make ends meet while making less than their male peers. I believe that we can serve this community well because we understand what that looks like and we are driven to advocate for them.
Gail Berlinger
Vice President
Supportive Services

Should be Provided to Individuals based on their Merit and Abilities

PMI is unique, being mostly managed and operated by women without providing a service or product that is directly targeted to women. I believe that leadership opportunities should be provided to individuals based on their merit and abilities not on their outward appearance.  Over my 16+ years at PMI the values, support and leadership I have received, made it possible for me to be successful and love what I do!
Bridget York
Director of Compliance

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