Celebrating Women’s History Month at PMI

Posted by: Preservation Management, Inc. in General on March 28, 2023

Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight our President and CEO, Christine Jenkinson. As a woman in leadership, she inspires us with her vision, determination, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Christine highlights the importance of having “the ability to problem solve with a bend toward optimism” within the property management industry.

We’re honored to have Christine at the helm of our organization and excited as an organization to embody one of her favorite phrases – “when we win, we win together”.

What advice do you have for women entering the property management/field?

“The most important attribute you can bring to the property management field is the ability to problem solve with a bend toward optimism. This work is incredibly challenging and intensive from both customer service and regulatory perspectives. No one wants to hear all the reasons something can’t work, but rather creative ideas for how it can work.”

Who mentored you to get you to where you are in your career or life?

Tom Pereira is the person who mentored me most early in my career. He was my boss and co-worker for about ten years when I lived in Boston right after college. He took me under his wing and taught me a lot about the debt and equity side of affordable housing. Tom was approachable and made everyone on his team feel included and engaged. He was my first boss who also showed me that having fun in the workplace is okay. Yes, we would work hard, but we had many laughs along the way.
Christine Jenkinson
President & CEO

Here’s to the incredible women who lead the way and inspire us all!


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