Company Overview

What We Do:

Preservation Management Inc. (PMI) provides comprehensive residential property management services in many states throughout the U.S. Our portfolio consists of residential multi-family properties and we specialize in managing affordable housing utilizing various subsidy programs and/or Low Income Housing Tax Credits. The company also provides resident services programs, tailored to the needs and interests of residents, at many of the properties it manages.

PMI Pyramid of Success:

  1. Our Values are:
    1. Professionalism:  We take pride in ourselves and our work, we treat others with dignity and respect and we solve problems through collaboration and teamwork.
    2. Accountability:  We take personal responsibility for our actions, we utilize resources efficiently and we deliver exceptional results
    3. Communication:  We create an environment of openness and trust where ideas and opinions are welcome, we listen empathetically to understand the needs of others and we provide honest feedback.
    4. Ethics:  We model the highest standards of integrity fairness and conduct, and we assume best intentions
    5. Safety:  We care for one another.
  2. Our Goals are:
    1. Lease our units to qualified residents
    2. Assure the timely receipt of the revenues for which we are responsible
    3. Provide high quality maintenance of the properties we manage
    4. Be in compliance with legal/regulatory requirements
  3. Our Operating Principles are:
    1. Manage by fact
    2. Respect for people
    3. Customer satisfaction
  4. Our Processes are based on:
    1. Teamwork
    2. Continuous improvement



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