Preservation Management - Resident Services

Resident Services

Preservation Management, Inc. (PMI) has been providing resident services at affordable housing properties for more than 17 years and currently provides such services at 48 properties throughout the Eastern, Midwestern and Southeastern United States. In some cases, services are funded by a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant for Service Coordination in Multifamily Housing. More typically, services are funded by property owners through a contract with PMI.

PMI’s Resident Services Programs emphasize collaboration with community organizations in delivering services to and meet the assistance needs of residents. In several locations, for example, local health care providers are engaged in providing screening clinics for residents on site. Childcare providers are providing childcare services onsite for residents. Volunteers are serving as tutors in after school programs and helping to organize community gardens. Meal programs are provided at some locations and a variety of educational programs are also offered.

We are constantly searching for new opportunities to bring together our residents with services and resources in the community. National direction and oversight for PMI’s Residential Services Program is provided by our Vice President of Employee and Resident Services. Services in the residential housing properties are provided by trained and qualified Resident Services Coordinators.

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