Preservation Management, Inc - Full Service Property Management Company

Full Service Property Management Company

Organization Overview


We provide highly-detailed financial statement packages and property budgets to our owners, tailored to their preferences. Our integrated accounting systems enable us to support the efficiency and effectiveness of our properties’ financial operations.


Our marketing department strategically designs creative, eye-catching ads and marketing campaigns to maximize rental revenues. We support our site staff, in implementing resident retention plans, coordinating community events, and outreach. We provide extensive customer service training concentrating in leasing and professionalism.

Quality Assurance & Compliance

In our capacity as a full service Property Management firm our ability to maintain program and property compliance is critical and our success is what makes PMI an industry leader. Our knowledgeable and experienced compliance teams specialize in initially qualifying units for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program as well as maintaining that compliance throughout the extended use periods. Our team of program experts conduct file audits in preparation for HUD, LIHTC and RD Management and Occupancy Reviews and assist site staff to prepare for their upcoming reviews.

Transitions and Relocation

We create a custom relocation matrix designed for each property undergoing renovations to ensure efficient and timely moves and resident qualification. The transition team oversees the progress of property operations through the acquisition and renovation process from the closing date of a property through the completion of the stabilization phase of the property management systems.

Facilities and Engineering

Our Facilities and Engineering department works with each property to ensure that periodic property inspections and preventive maintenance protocols are implemented. They also focus on environmental compliance in areas ranging from Lead and Asbestos to Pest Management Controls. Physical assets are strategically maintained through a QC/QA process to assure that costs are optimized and value preserved. A strength of this department is its expertise with respect to training and the preparation of property management teams in advance of HUD REAC inspections.

Residential Services

PMI’s Resident Services Programs emphasize collaboration with community organizations in delivering services to and meet the assistance needs of residents. We are constantly searching for new opportunities to bring together our residents with services and resources in the community.

Human Resources

As a company we have been and continue to be morally and legally committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity. We pride ourselves on selecting the best person able to meet the job requirements for each position, using thorough screenings, and in-person interviewing. In addition, we offer competitive wages and benefits to help attract and retain high-quality employees.


Setting ourselves apart from other Property Management firms and then maintaining that status requires well trained and professional staff as well as their proficiency in using both electronic tools and quality control systems. To meet the growing need for professional training of staff, PMI has established its own training program, making staff attendance a priority. We offer a variety of training opportunities to our employees using both internal and external training sources and strongly promote professional development.

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